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Planning, layout and budgeting

There is simply nothing more important when renovating than proper planning. We have tools to help you through the process providing you with customized spreadsheet guides for budgeting and tasks, project timelines, subtrades, material lists and shopping lists for you as a homeowner.


Once we have an intital consultation at your home, then we can draft an accurate picture of the look, layout, costs and timelines for a project of your scale.


Our goal is to be within 10% of the original budget upon completion, barring any changes or unforseen issues.

Cabinet re-facing   

If you are happy with the overall layout of your kitchen and are looking for a way to upgrade the look while saving some money, then re-facing is a good option for you.


A typical re-facing changes all of your doors, drawer faces, hinges and other hardware. Many customers choose to upgrade to soft-closing hinges and drawer glides at this time.

Other options include counter tops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, paint & trim.


Re-facing is the easiest and fastest way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Full kitchen renovation
Major demolition and renovation

Looking for major changes and major disruption? The seemingly simple act of removing a wall to open up space can be fraught with many issues such as structural bearing loads, relocation of many services such as electrical, heating, gas lines, phone, cable, alarm systems, to name a few.


Trust these challenging tasks with people that do this on a daily basis, as we are experienced to handle this tricky process. We do not cut any corners when it somes to major renovations and it pays to hire an expert when it comes to major changes.


When you are tired of the layout, function and look of your kitchen, then it's time to do a full renovation.


All new cabinetry will be installed to either tweak your existing layout, or you might choose a whole new design and function to transform the use of your kitchen. Often we have added islands, pantries, eating nooks, and any other feature that will enhance the use of your existing space.


Many other finishes are upgraded at this time including counter tops, backsplash, flooring, lighting, plumbing, radiant heat flooring, the list goes on...

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